Adobe Flash Player – 2 critical issues closed

Attackers could attack users of Adobe Connect, Flash, and Dreamweaver and run malicious code. Two vulnerabilities in Flash Player and one gap in Dreamweaver are considered particularly critical. Of the holes in Flash, all versions up to and including are threatened under Chrome OS, Linux, macOS and Windows. Issue is secured. How attackers can initiate attacks is currently unknown. Due to the critical classification, however, it can be assumed that an attack works remotely and without authentication.

Which Flash version is running on your own computer, you can check on an Adobe website. The secured issues can be found on the download website. At this point you should be careful: By default, other software is selected, which lands next to the Flash Player on the computer – you can deselect manually. The web browser Chrome updates Flash automatically. Under Windows 8.1 and 10, Edge and Internet Explorer 11 do the same. The end of the Flash Player is decided: End of 2020 should be over.