Google Chrome 92 – Critical security issues fixed

The stable version of the Chrome browser for macOS, Windows and Linux was raised to 92.0.4515.131 yesterday, Monday. The development team has fixed ten security problems with ratings from “Medium” to “High” in the new version. As usual, the update is to be distributed to the browser installations in the…

Hello Tatum – WordPress 5.8 released

WordPress 5.8 “Tatum” was released, named after the jazz pianist Art Tatum.

The version jump to WordPress 5.8 was published on July 20th, 2021. It supports the WebP graphic format. This has been developed by Google among others since 2010 and is characterized by the fact that it produces significantly…

Microsoft – PrintNightmare gap in Windows closed

Due to a “critical” security hole that affects all Windows versions, Microsoft has released security patches. Since attackers are already actively exploiting the hole, admins should react quickly and install the patches.

Microsoft has linked the updates in an updated warning message. There you will also find an FAQ on…

Google Chrome 91 – Critical security issues fixed

Google warns of attacks on Chrome. The extent of the attacks is currently unknown. A version secured against this has been released. As you can see from a security warning, Chrome 91.0.4472.114 has been released for Linux, macOS and Windows. As usual, for security reasons, Google does not disclose many…

FritzBox – FragAttacks vulnerability – Updates also for old Fritzboxes

With FritzOS version 7.27, AVM is hardening its own routers against the FragAttacks WLAN security gap. This does not only apply to current models, but at least partially also to old ones: The Fritzbox 3490 received the firmware update last week. The mid-range router appeared in 2014 – at that…

Firefox 89 – Firefox ESR 78.11 – New versions – New security updates

Since Tuesday (June 1st, 2921) new versions of the Firefox browser in the form of Firefox 89 and the Extended Support Release (ESR) 78.11.0 have been available. The developers also fixed a handful of vulnerabilities from the code in the course of the release, two of which were rated “High”.…