Android on Windows 10 – files disappear

There is an error in the USB MTP connection between Android and Windows 10 that leads to data loss if you move files on an Android device. If you connect the Android device via USB to Windows 10, and then moves files “within the Android device”, the concerned files are deleted, but not moved into the target directory. The deleted files can not be recovered with any of the usual recovery tools. They will be irrevocably deleted.

Data loss always occurs when an Android device is connected to a Windows-10 PC via USB, and when moving files on the Android device from one directory to another (within the Android device). The copying of files (ie no cut) does not seem to work. However, there is also no data loss.

Whether the error is due to Android or Windows 10 is currently still unclear. Windows 7 and Windows 8 are apparently not affected by this error.