Chrome 71 – more security

The Chrome web browser is now available in secure edition 71. Who surfs with it, should update the browser quickly. In addition to 43 security holes, the developers have optimized the built-in advertising filter. In addition, Chrome is now warning against websites that want to underwrite expensive mobile tariffs. The update should be automatic. If this is not the case, you can trigger it in the settings under “Help / About Google Chrome”. Of the security vulnerabilities, none is considered critical, Google does in a post. Thirteen vulnerabilities are classified as “high” and attackers could, under certain conditions, trigger memory errors and take control of computers via malicious code. Chrome’s redesigned ad blocker is designed to better detect and block aggressive and misleading advertising, such as pop-ups. Websites with such ads should end up in a blacklist. In addition, the browser should recognize in the current version of websites with offers for dodgy mobile tariffs. Before visiting such pages, Chrome 71 now displays a warning. For example, some websites hide additional fees when signing a contract, because the fee font is the same color as the background of the page and is therefore not visible. Chrome should recognize this better now. In addition, Chrome developers have made access rights more rigorous through sites on the Speech Synthesis API. This API uses many fraudulent support websites and addresses visitors directly to non-existent computer problems that they want to solve for a fee.