FritzBox – FragAttacks vulnerability – Updates also for old Fritzboxes

With FritzOS version 7.27, AVM is hardening its own routers against the FragAttacks WLAN security gap. This does not only apply to current models, but at least partially also to old ones: The Fritzbox 3490 received the firmware update last week. The mid-range router appeared in 2014 – at that time with FritzOS 6.20. In the summer of 2019, AVM still supplied the Fritzbox 3490 with FritzOS version 7.12 and actually did not plan any further updates after that. FritzOS 7.27 now not only protects against FragAttacks, but also brings new functions with it, including an updated user interface and easier prioritization of individual devices in the home network, such as desktop PCs, notebooks or smartphones. The update can be downloaded and installed via the web interface.

Before the Fritzbox 3490, AVM supplied the 7490 router with FritzOS 7.27 in mid-May. The latter Fritzbox is a year older than the 3490, but at that time it belonged to the upper class and was still supplied with the latest firmware, such as FritzOS 7.21, even before the appearance of FragAttacks. If you operate an older Fritzbox that has automatic updates switched off, check AVM’s product support status page to see whether there is an updated firmware for your device. You can find the software version for older devices such as the Fritz boxes 7430 or 7580 after expanding the list under “Other models”. If newer operating software is displayed there than is running in your box, install it manually in the Fritzbox menu under System / Update. Check the firmware status on the “Fritz! WLAN” tab for your WLAN repeaters, if you have not integrated them into the Fritz-Mesh, which means that the Fritzbox does the check automatically and displays it in the Mesh overview.

Source: Heise