Google Chrome 72 – over 50 security issues solved

If you surf the Internet with Chrome, you should update the browser to the latest issue 72.0.3626.81 for security reasons under Linux, macOS and Windows. Overall, Google has solved 58 security problems. So far, there are hardly any details about the gaps. Google wants to publish more information only if enough users have installed the secured version. In a security warning, the developers point out that the attack risk for most vulnerabilities is rated “high.” Only one gap is labeled “critical”. Despite the lack of detail, classifications suggest that attackers could exploit many of the gaps remotely to execute malicious code. This is extremely dangerous because computers are usually considered completely compromised in such a case.

The update should be done automatically at short notice. To accelerate this, for example, under Windows, you can click next to the address bar on the far right on the three vertically arranged points. In the settings you click under “Help” on the point “About Google Chrome”. Then follows an automatic check for updates. If a new version is available, you have to wait for the download and restart the browser by clicking on the button for the update.