Google Chrome 80 – vulnerabilities closed

In Google’s current Chrome version 80.0.3987.87, the developers closed a total of 56 security holes. Overall, the risk of attack is considered “high”. If attackers tackle the gaps, in some cases they could execute their own code. If that works, a computer is usually considered to be compromised. The secured Chrome edition is available for Linux, macOS and Windows. Memory errors are often used as a gateway for malicious code, which attackers can trigger by successfully exploiting the vulnerabilities. In a blog post on the security of Chrome 80, Google is, as usual, reluctant to give details about the gaps and possible attack scenarios. So potential attackers get little details about possible starting points for attacks and Chrome users can install the secured version.

In addition to the security holes, the developers have fixed other bugs and added new functions. Chrome 80 now deals differently with ad blockers, cookies and pop-up notifications. In addition, tabs freeze to save resources. All changes can be seen in the changelog.