Google Chrome 86 – Fixed security issues

Google’s developers have taken care of 35 security vulnerabilities in the current Chrome version and made the web browser more secure. A vulnerability is classified as “critical”. If you surf the Internet with Chrome, you should update your browser to the current version 86.0.4240.75 as soon as possible. As indicated by a warning message, Google is holding back details of the vulnerabilities for security reasons. This way, potential attackers do not get their hands on any information and users can temporarily install the secured version.

If attackers successfully address the critical vulnerability (CVE-2020-15967), they could trigger a memory error. If that works, the browser will most likely crash. In such a state, however, malicious code can often find its way onto computers. Due to the classification, attacks will most likely work over the Internet and without authentication. Seven vulnerabilities have a “high” threat level. Memory errors can also occur here after successful attacks. In addition, attackers could bypass checks or leak information. The developers not only closed gaps, but also increased security in other areas. For example, the password check is now active; other improvements have also been incorporated into the new release.

Source: Heise