Hello Esperanza – WordPress 5.7 released

WordPress 5.7 “Esperanza” was released, named after the jazz musician Esperanza Spalding.

With this new version, WordPress brings you fresh colors. The editor helps you to work in places where this was previously not possible – at least not without intervening in the code or hiring a professional. The controls that are used most often, such as changing the font size, are in other places – exactly where they are needed. And layout changes that should have been easy, such as full-height images, are now even easier to implement.

You can now switch a website from HTTP to HTTPS with one click. WordPress will automatically update the database URLs when the switch is made. In 5.7, jQuery becomes more focused and less intrusive because it displays fewer messages in the console. Now it’s easy to delay loading iframes. By default, WordPress adds a loading = “lazy” attribute to iframe tags when both width and height are specified.

A total of 127 changes (improvements, new features and bug fixes) were made in WordPress 5.7.