Let’s Encrypt for the Fritzbox of AVM

AVM sees the great advantage of the new feature in the fact that users no longer receive a warning message from the browser when calling the Myfritz address under HTTPS. For example, when sharing files such as vacation photos for friends use, so you no longer need to upload to cloud server under foreign rule.

To activate you only must register the Fritz box with AVMs DynDns service myfritz.net and put a checkmark in the router configuration. Then Fritzbox requests a new certificate at Let’s Encrypt.

Furthermore, AVM claims to have accelerated access to USB data storage with NTFS file system in NAS operation. Cordless phones of the Fritz! Fon series are now to indicate with detailed calls also place and country names. The current laboratory version can only be installed on original 7490ern and the identical 1 & 1 Homeserver.