Hello Kirk – WordPress 5.3 released

WordPress 5.3 “Kirk” was released, named after US jazz multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

A new “group block” allows grouping of several blocks and he can get a freely selectable background color. In addition, the “Columns” block can now set the percentage width for individual columns, determine the vertical orientation and,…

Thunderbird 68.2 – Critical vulnerabilities closed

Attackers could attack Thunderbird in several ways to crash the application or even execute malicious code. Mozilla has closed a total of nine vulnerabilities in the current issue of Thunderbird 68.2 for all operating systems.

In a warning message, the developers classify the security risk as “critical”. If you use…

HP-PC’s – Vulnerability in Touchpoint Analytics

The software HP Touchpoint Analytics, which is preinstalled on many HP computers with Windows, uses the open-source hardware analysis library Open Hardware Monitor. A vulnerability discovered there (CVE-2019-6333) can be used by attackers who already have access to a system to gain system privileges and execute malicious code. HP has…

Firefox – New versions increase security

The a few days ago published Firefox version 69 contains numerous innovations in addition to a number of important vulnerability fixes. The same applies to the new versions 60.9 and 68.1 of the ESR (Extended Support Relase) version of the browser – and to the (still) ESR 60.x based Tor…

New Specter Gap in Intel Processors on Windows

Just over a year and a half after the release of the Meltdown and Specter vulnerabilities, which enabled novel side channel attacks on a variety of processors from Intel and other vendors, new, related approaches have been discovered once again. The cleanup after the first discoveries still take. The research…

WordPress Plugin – Ad Inserter: Critical Vulnerability fixed

Ad Inserter, a plugin for managing and optimally placing ads on WordPress web pages, has until recently had a vulnerability that would allow authenticated attackers to remotely execute arbitrary code. The developer team of the security plugin WordFence has discovered the vulnerability and released a security notice. Accordingly, it affects…

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