Windows 10 Update-Problems

The update KB4034658 for Windows 10 – version 1607, released in early August, provides problems when viewing already installed updates and interacting with WSUS (Windows Server Update Services). After installing the update, Windows displays an empty history of the updates that were already installed.

The error easily bypassed via “System/Programs/Display Installed Updates”.

The problem is also confirmed by the fact that the user has proposed updates to the installation in the past. Both problems indicate that the update database is corrupted or deleted by the package.
In an environment with WSUS (Windows Server Update Services), the update ensures that no connection to the WSUS can be established. The search for updates fails with the error message “0x8024401c”.

To solve the problem temporarily do this: First remove KB4034658 from the WSUS. Then uninstall the package by selecting System/ Programs/Show installed updates” and restart Windows. You must then restart the search for updates.