WordPress 5.0 – Hello Bebo

With version 5.0 a new major release of WordPress has been released. It is named after the Cuban jazz musician Bebo Valdés.

With this version the editor Gutenberg becomes standard and replaces the previous editor. It divides posts and pages into blocks that are easy to customize in the editor: a headline block, one for the first paragraph, one for a picture, and so on. The blocks can be re-sorted, deleted and configured individually. WordPress offers the plug-in “Classic Editor” to users who can not or do not want to part with the classic editor. It restores “the previous WordPress editor and its edit mode.” WordPress wants to support the classic editor until 2021.

Before upgrading to 5.0, users should back up their site to return to the old version in an emergency. Users should also check that the installed theme and enabled plug-ins are compatible with Gutenberg.

With WordPress 5.0 also the new standard theme “Twenty Nineteen” has been released. comes with custom styles for the blocks that are available by default in 5.0. Twenty Nineteen has been designed to work with a wide range of use cases.